The final contest of the EAC season 2019 is over and it was a perfect weekend at the club MFV St. Johann e.V..

The members organized a perfect weekend as usual! And with 3 days of very good weather 32 pilots competed for the final rankings of the 2019 season.

Here are the results of the contest and the overall ranking:







Some impressions of the final contest of the season with a spectacular night flying show:

Cold, but sunny weather

The scoring system Notaumatic was working perfect, as usual

In the evening the pilots used some free time to make some show flights

The night flying show was opened by a perfect helicopter flight to music

Former EAC pilot Jeremias Hartmann impressed with his 5m electric glider

The last man of the show was Marian Mader with his 2.7m Yak54 and a lot of firework

 On Sunday the round of Freestyle was a perfect ending of the 2019 season

The flights were perfectly presented with smoke and special add-ons


Large table with the presents for the winners

The winners in class Intermediate of the final contest

The winners of Unlimited class of the final contest

The winners of Freestyle class of the final contest

The podium of Intermediate overall ranking 2019

The podium of Unlimited overall ranking 2019

The podium of Freestyle overall ranking 2019