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  • Fixed dates and locations for EAC season 2016

    Hi, now the dates and locations of EAC contests 2016 are fixed. Note these in your calendar: EAC Germany IFM Pocking 25/26.06 EAC Suisse GMR Gruyere 01/02/03.07 EAC France Romilly 15/16/17.07 EAC Czech MK Severka 30/31.07 EAC Final MFV St. Johann 23/24/25.09 Registration for german contests will be opened soon. See you William  

  • Update concerning EAC 2016

    Hi everyone, here are some more news concerning EAC season 2016. As the rules of F3M have changed for 2016 completely and are now next to the new EAC rules, two more contests are attached to the calendar of EAC 2016. The only difference is the different known sequence, which will be attached in a new rulebook, which will be distributed soon. So the actual calendar of 2016 looks like […]

  • First contest for 2016 and review on 2015

    Hi, first location and date for EAC season 2016 is fixed: IFM Pocking e.V. on 25/26.06 ( And here a little video to survive the winter and get ready for 2016:    



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